Membership to BECA community is open to all Muslims within the United Kingdom. We aim to provide services that meet the needs of members from spiritual counselling, education services, cultural activities to emotional support.

To enable us render a quality service we will be offering paid service that will enable members to access certain privileges such as;

1. Funeral support for members and their immediate dependants.

2. Invitation to all functions and meetings.

3. Right to be selected to serve as an executive member

4. Right to nominate members for executive positions.

5. Members will be given priority to access BECA services and benefits, such as: madrasah classes, Hajj vouchers, Ramadan vouchers, reference and                           recommendation letters.

6. Support voluntary contribution for members on special occasions such as naming ceremony and marriages.


The cost will be £ 20 monthly contribution for individual and £ 30 for family, paid either monthly by direct debit or a lump sum annual contribution of £ 240 or £ 360 paid in advance.

To enjoy this benefit, members must complete the accompanying membership form and commit to the annual contributions.

Click Here to download Membership Form.